First of all, Welcome to DeeJayX.com!

The purpose of this website is to showcase various skills with the many different programs and stylistic forms of art/expression, as well as computer graphics and design. Much like video editing in Premier, image manipulation and creation in Photoshop/GIMP and design elements in games such as Forza Motorsports 2 for the Xbox 360 and anything else.

    A brief rundown of which each link above holds in store for your viewing pleasure:
  1. Home - you are here. I will place updates here.

  2. About Me - Information reguarding me, my computer, the software I use, etc etc.
  3. Completed Work - A collection of various different projects/media. Ranging from video to ingame screen captures.
  4. Future Projects - What I look forward to doing over the next few months, concepts and actual projects.


    8/3/09 - Added 2 new images in the Photoshop Gallery. I need to work on getting dropdown menu's for quicker access to them on the main page. Too many clicks. Will start work on that this coming weekend. Also working on another image in photoshop.

    I had finally decided to name my character that I'd done a few images of and that also pops up on the titles of the images. Cassie.

    3/30/09 - Whew. Big update to the photoshop gallery in the Completed Works section. Taught myself flash and built my own Adobe Flash gallery from scratch using ActionScript 3 and XML. Will begin working on creating flash gallerys for the Forza section as well since there are a few cars I have more photos than the default 4. Hope you enjoy the gallery, although basic, I put a lot of time and hard work into it.
    * On a side note about the gallery, if you hit the download button you may get a 'popup blocked' message, just allow them. Its only going to load the direct jpg image being seen.

    Also changed the way the movies load within the website, no more Windows MediaPlayer, I've re-encoded them to FLV and installed an inbrowser FLV player to cut down filesizes/load times and also be more browser friendly since not everyone has mediaplayer plug-ins.

    2/28/09 - Finally finishing up the last of the pages. Got busy for a little bit, but cleared some time. Will also upload some more artwork. Check the photoshop sections.

    12/18/08 - Major changes, the site is going to be dropping the 'frame' look upon suggestion of a fellow webdesigner. Teaching myself css and div style tables and webpage design. This should be interesting.

    12/17/08 - First update in awhile, currently I'm going to finally change around the main page and get legitimate information here. Like this news section. Also, I'm going to finally put information in the About Me and Future Projects sections. I'll be playing with a few layouts.

Forza 2 Image - Tifa
Forza Motorsports 2 in-game picture, featuring Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

Forza 2 Features a heavy duty in-game livery system that allows artists to create highly graphical images on their canvas, the car.

All the logo work was done by me as well.

My Xbox Live GT: DJXRyde

To contact me:
Send mail to Blank For Now

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