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The Forzamotorsports Livery Editor is a unique tool that allows the user to place various basic shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles which also including solid and gradient forms. You are given 1000 layers per side of the vehicle to do the image, 500 for the front and back.

The key to designing in in this element is to remember that layers are your friend, you build upon the basic shapes to create your base image then add your gradients above them. Basically working outside in and the bottom on up.

Please select from the list below to view that specific style.

Inspiration: Final Fantasy Character - 'Mog' the Moogle
Final Fantasy VI - Mog Car
This Race Based Livery showcases the Moogle, named Mog, from SquareSoft's (Now SquareEnix) game Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VII - Chocobo Design
This is an open design that features Cloud, the main character from SquareEnix's game Final Fantasy VII, riding a Chocobo.

Inspiration: Final Fantasy Character - Cloud/Chocobo

Inspiration: Anime: Onegai Teacher, Character:  Mizuho Kazami
Onegai Teacher - Mizuho Kazami Car
This Anime Based Livery showcases the character Mizuho Kazami from the Anime: Onegai Teacher
[eng. Please! Teacher] (No its not dirty).

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Car
This is a Race Based Livery that showcases Tifa, one of the main characters from SquareEnix's game Final Fantasy VII.

Inspiration: Final Fantasy Character - Tifa

Anime: Bleach, Characters: Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime
Bleach - Anime Car
Anime Design Competition car. Forums, no real rules other than 3 character faces (no copy/paste same image).
Featuring: Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime,

Bleach - Race Livery
This is a Race Based Livery based off my Bleach Character car from the Competition.

Inspiration: Bleach - Anime

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