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First video I had ever made.
ATF Competition Team Intro
This video features the hit song, Happy? by the group Mudvayne. And a couple of members of ATF as we prepared for the comp team match for the TWL (Team Warfare League).
Note: It ends ubruptly because its not a complete video.

ATF Comp Team Full Round Video
ATF Competition Team Full Round Coverage
This video features Linkin Park's song Faint. Now this video covers an entire round of ATF vs another team in the TWL. We ended up winning pretty good. Mostly action based. A 'highlight' film if you will.

ATF Divisional Introduction Video
ATF Divisional Introduction
This video features a few parodies and just general ATF shenanigans. Its how we have fun and I tried to get as many of the ATF Battlefield 2 division members in on it.

ATF Music Video
ATF Music Video
This video features Chevelle's song Vitamin-R. This video is scripted somewhat. Action based, with vehicles.

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